Trade Bitcoin and Ethereum futures with zero fees powered by the DGTX token.


Why should you trade Bitcoin Futures on Digitex?

Digitex Futures allows you to pursue high frequency trading strategies that aren’t viable on other fee-charging exchanges.

Zero trading fees
Zero trading fees
Place as many trades as you like and pay zero trading fees.
Zero withdrawal fees
Zero withdrawal fees
Instantly withdraw your funds without paying any withdrawal fees — 100% free.
High leverage
High leverage
Maximize your profit potential by trading up to 100x leverage.
One-click trade submission
One-click trade submission
Submit your trades with a single click on an intuitive ladder interface.

Enjoy a zero-fee trading experience while keeping 100% of your profits

An intuitive ladder interface built for scalping

With zero fees, lightning-fast speed, generous rewards programs, as well as a robust crypto trading platform, Digitex is the right choice for every trader looking to gain easy exposure to cryptocurrency trading.

An intuitive ladder interface built for scalping

Robust trading

Our matching engine has been battle tested on live markets with thousands of real users through extreme Bitcoin volatility since 2019. The platform has proved itself capable of handling over 22 billion trades in a 24-hour period.

Benefits of the Digitex exchange

In addition to the ability to trade crypto for FREE, Digitex offers the following benefits to its users:

Zero fees
Place unlimited trades without paying any transaction fees
Enhanced liquidity
Enhanced liquidity allows you to trade bigger size positions.
Ladder interface
An intuitive ladder interface designed for high frequency scalp trading.
High leverage
Maximize your trading profits with up 100x leverage.
Connect to our API to program your bots, and take full advantage of trading 24/7 with zero fees.
P2P trading
Peer-to-peer trading means that you're not betting against the house.
High frequency trading
Lightning-fast matching engine with one-click trade submission.
Trade 24/7
The Digitex exchange is online 24/7 allowing you to capitalize on all of crypto's market volatile opportunities .
One-click trading
Place your trades with no keyboard strokes or mouse movements.
Trading tools
Utilize our built in market tools to minimize your risk trading through volatile trading periods.

Buy, sell & withdraw crypto with zero fees.